Cheerfully we invite you to Górowo Iławeckie! Come and take a look to the charming little town and its municipality of the same name - the heart of the historical original Prussian tribe region Natangia!

Because of the towns history and the picturesque landscape Górowo Iławeckie and its environment is interesting and worth a visit.

30% of the terrain is woods with an unique fauna and flora. For example you can find here the seldom plants of peat bogs and watch a great variety of birds.

Górowo Iławeckie is situated in the hills Wzniesienia Górowskie (góra = mountain) with the Góra Zamkowa, the highest elevation with 216 m, which was the workplace of the astronomer and mathematician Friedrich von Bessel.

The greatest attraction of the municipality is the village of the white stork Żywkowo. Between March and September about 200 storks have their summer residence on the roofs of the six farms. That's the biggest breeding place of this species in Poland.

The marvelous nature with its lovely landscape is a paradise for discovery by bike.

But even in former times this region was visited by explorers, but for other reasons. Allegedly the famous amber cabinet was hidden here.

Despite of numerous defeats during the history the town Górowo Iławeckie could keep its medieval urban structure. The chessboard system of the streets, the market with the town hall of the 14th century and the Greek-Catholic church from the 14th century, too. Actually the church was built Catholic, later it became Protestant and since 1981 it has been Greek Catholic, a union of the Greek-Orthodox and Romanian-Catholic faith. Inside there are frescos and iconostas of the famous artist Jerzy Nowasielski and ceiling paintings of 1660, which are said to be the most beautiful of Warmia. During a visit of the town you should not forget the house in which Napoleon Bonaparte stayed in 1867, the unique museum of gas production and the new-gothic Romanian-Catholic church of the year 1895.

The site close the Russian border improves economically development and cooperation with Kaliningrad. Besides Górowo Iławeckie has three partner cities, Verden in Germany, Bagrationowsk in Russia and Pustomyty in Ukraine. In addition Górowo Iławeckie is member of the international association Euro region Baltic Sea.

Big industry doesn't exist in Górowo Iławeckie. In return there is a special rehabilitation center of the Woiwodship Warmia-Mazury.

Górowo Iławeckie is a municipality with a variety of culture, which are presented every year at the festival of the town Dni Górowa.